Television – The Good, Bad, and Ugly of it all

I’m not a big television watcher but I must admit that in my home there is always a TV on.  My family has to have the TV on at all times.  I guess I am responsible for this but I chose to not fight with my husband when it came to having the TV in the bedroom because I would just put on my ear phones and read my book.  Lately, I have become so annoyed at the things I see on TV.  Mainly the reality shows.  I’m sure we all know that the so call “reality” shows out there are really not “reality” because the shows are edited and scripted to create a story with major drama so that the public will keep watching.  The yelling, cursing, and fighting are such a turn off to me and it gets my blood boiling.  My husband enjoys the shows because he says its entertainment for him and that he knows it fake.  So I am pretty much banned from watching certain shows with him unless I keep my mouth shut about how fake it is and how they are portraying the women on the shows.  So, I just find other things to do or watch.  I love the shopping channels and HGTV!

With that said, I think about television back in the day.  Remember Good Times, The Jefferson’s, The Brady Bunch, Three’s Company, Different Strokes, Living Single and It’s a Different World?  In my opinion those were good shows that delivered life lessons in a humorous way.  When did television go so ratchet?  This is why the younger generation is acting out in such a disrespectful way.  They see it on TV. 

So, I will stop my ranting now and close by saying that although I’m not against TV at all, I believe we should all balance it out and limit how much time we spend watching it. Reading a good book has better effects on the mind then watching TV (This statement is not based on a survey or poll, it is just my opinion and experience).  There is a lot to learn on the Discovery Channel, if you like that kind of thing.  I wake up to the Discovery Channel or History Channel every morning.  My husband watches it a lot.  Although, I prefer no TV at all!  Remember, I have to choose my battles carefully!

Enjoy your day!



Living The Dream

I attended a retirement celebration for a co-worker yesterday.  While at the party, I watched all of the folks who stopped by to bid farewell and good luck to the new retiree and I could not help but wonder, of all the folks in that room, how many are really doing what they dream of and fulfilling their passion.  I don’t want to wait until I’m retirement age to begin fulfilling my passion.  I want to live my dream now! 

Living that dream is not as easy as it sounds.  If I can walk away from my full time career as a Project Manager and open up a bakery and wine bar I would do it in a blink of an eye.  There is that thing called obligations that get in the way or at least that is the excuse I’ve been telling myself all of these years.  Maybe it’s really the fear of the unknown and being a control freak, I don’t like the fact of not knowing what is going to happen.  Therefore, I continue to work my full time position and pursue my passion on a part-time basis.  This process takes longer and is much harder, but it will come to fruition.

Are you living your dream?  If not, what are your plans to do just that?  If you are living your dream, can you please provide tips on how you got to that point?  I admire you and your courage.

Life is short and I have learned that one must give back, be stress free, be happy, and love.  In other words….Live. Laugh.  Love.


Enjoy your day.

Mind Your Manners

I trust that you had a wonderful Fourth of July?  Now that the celebrations are pretty much done, it’s time to get back focused and keep your eye on the prize.  With that said, I’m currently in my kitchen baking cakes to fulfill some orders today.

I wanted to share a situation I experienced yesterday…….

I woke up at 5:30am to get ready for my 7:00am hair appointment.  I arrived there at 6:48am and sat in the car until 7:00am.  Meanwhile, while waiting in my car, I finished my tea and noticed that I did not see my stylist’s car in the parking lot where I was parked in front of the salon.  Um, as I thought to myself, this is weird; she is usually here before me.   I went in and waited until about 7:15.  Then, I decided to call her to see if she was in route.  When she answered the phone, I immediately was annoyed because apparently she was sleep and I had interrupted that sleep with my call.  I calmly asked her if she was ok because of course, if she was sick, I would totally understand.  She stated that she is ok and instantly remembered that she had not called me to reschedule my appointment because she did not have me down in the books.  Now, I have had a standing appointment every other week for the last two years.  So pardon my annoyance if I don’t understand how she can forget.  After listening to her sincere apology, and she was very sincere, again, I was just annoyed and my hair is jacked up and needs rescuing, we rescheduled the appointment.

Now that I set the stage for my experience here goes the rest of the story…

So as I leave the salon, It’s now 7:30.  I think to myself, everyone is sleep, and I’m already up and out, what can I do?  Then it hits me.  I can finally use my gift certificate that my son gave me for Christmas to the Spa.  I pulled out the gift certificate to see what time they opened.  They opened at 8:00.  Now, my big disappointment of a morning is starting to mend itself into a wonderful afternoon or so I thought.

I arrived at the spa at 8:00 and go to the door and it was locked.  What!  No way!  This can’t be happening.  What am I going to do now?  I went to my car and waited five minutes and the receptionist pulls up and opens the door.  You better believe I was on her heels.  I needed saving!  I walk in and the ambience of the spa calmed my nerves and put me in a state of mind that was inviting and at peace.  I asked to have a pedicure and was guided to a room to pick out my color.  Five minutes later, the entire staff arrived and I was seated with cucumber and strawberry infused water and top notch service.

As I was having my feet pampered in lavender and lemon grass scented water and paraffin wax, I began to watch the other ladies that had arrived shortly after me for the same service.  The young lady next to me was unhappy about everything the technician did.  She had a yellow pad of paper and wrote notes on what she was doing.  I summed it up that maybe she was one of those mystery shoppers who got paid for reporting on services at retail stores and restaurants.

After my pedicure was complete, I headed over to the manicure section.  Yes, they convinced me to get a manicure as well, lol!  As the technician was working on my nails, I suddenly heard this loud yelling behind me.  There was this middle aged woman who had walked into the salon and asked for service and was directed to the area where there is hundreds of nail polish, to pick the color she wanted on her toe nails.  This is the same area where I went to pick my color.  She was yelling because she said the receptionist just left her there.  At this time, everyone was looking at her and the employees of the salon rushed over to see what the problem was.  The woman yelled again in a high baritone voice and stated that the receptionist told her to pick out a color and just left her there.  At this time, I’m awestruck because I really don’t understand what else she wanted the receptionist to do.  I mean this was my first time there and the receptionist stated the same thing to me as well and I uh, picked out my color and came back and sat down (which was not even a minute) until they were ready.  So, why can’t this woman do the same?  The technician who was the “chosen one” to complete her pedicure guided her to her seat.  The water was already warmed and waiting for her.  She proceeded to the seat.  At this time, I’m watching her intently because for the life of me, I can’t understand why she created such a scene.  So now I’m intrigued and begin to analyze her.  Well it didn’t take long for my analysis to be complete, because when the technician asked her to look at the menu of services and let him know what type of pedicure she desired, she started her yelling tyrant again.  This time, it was about paying an additional $20.00 for gel polish service versus regular polish.  She is yelling about paying the $20.00 and that she is not going to pay that type of money.  Well, in my opinion, you don’t have to pay it, choose something that fits your budget.  Her actions are totally appalling!  The manager went over to her and whatever the manager said, the baritone based woman was quiet for the remainder of my stay and the last glance I had of her before leaving, she was drinking lemonade and looking around at everyone else.

Moral of my story – Some people are so miserable inside and don’t know how to reach out for help that all they know to do is to lash out at others.  Please don’t be like the baritone based woman I experienced.  If you have a problem, there is no need to create a scene.  Ask for the manager and work it out with the manager.

I hope you have a relaxing Sunday.  Live. Laugh. Love

Happy Fourth of July


As we celebrate our independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation today, many folks will be cooking out, spending time with loved ones, and going to see the fireworks. I plan to cookout a little, rest, and bake cakes for some orders I have this weekend. Of course, I will pop open a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and savor its goodness. Whatever you do, enjoy and be safe.

When I think about why we celebrate Independence Day, I think of July 4, 1776, and the birth of the United States of America. As with all births, as you watch a child grow up by teaching them and providing the guidance needed for their learning, the U.S. is like a child growing up in the same way.  I have watched our great nation grow over time in my 40 plus years on this earth.  There have been some heartaches due to areas where I believe we should have significantly improved by now, such as race.  However, as I reflect back, I am amazed at how America has grown as a nation.  We  have come a long way but we still have a long way to go. There have been some bumpy rides but through it all, we are still standing.

Here’s to creating your own fireworks on this Independence Day!

Work -Life Balance

I chose to write about this topic today because the scales are way off-balance when it comes to my work life and personal life. I believe in working hard and doing a great job at whatever task that lays ahead of me. However, lately, I have been consumed with my projects at work which required late hours beginning at 6:00am and not quitting until about 7 or 8pm. With this type of schedule one can not sustain this for very long. Well, I’m at that place right now as I write this blog where I can no longer sustain those hours and my personal (family) life has taken a major hit.

Knowing when to push back and doing what you can within the allotted time – I often go above and beyond at my job and will continue to do so. However, the key point is not to put your family on the back-burner. If you do, you will never get those hours, days, or minutes back.

My solution to obtaining a work-life balance was to work my butt off during normal business hours and before leaving for the day, I make a prioritized list of the top 5 items that need to be taken care of in the morning when arriving to start my day all over again.

By not having a work-life balance, I became irritable, annoyed, and mean to my family. No one wanted to be around me when I’m that way. It was all because I didn’t manage my time very well. Now that I have implemented the work-life balance, I spend quality time with my family and doing things I enjoy. I love baking and I make sure I bake cakes weekly to share with everyone and build my skills.

How to you manage your work-life balance? Is it working for you?

First Blog

Hello, today I decided to create a blog for Rockin Robin Cakes. I took cake decorating classes in the winter of 2014 and fell in love with it. I have now been baking and practicing and every weekend and have improved my skills, created my signature items, and take online courses. I have learned so much! I did not realize that I have such a passion for baking. I thought it was interior design but I sort pushed that to the side to bake.

I hope you hop on and go along for the ride with me as I continue on my path to learning and creating new sweet sensations. I always have cake available.

Looking forward to blogging with you soon.